carnosaurus – commonly referred to as the carnotaurus

Learn how about the carnosaurus and how it has been overlooked for all these years.

One dinosaur that you don’t hear a lot about is the carnosaurus. Don’t let this great beasts small arms fool you, he can take care of himself.

Scientists were lucky enough to find a well preserved skeleton, accustomed to gathering a lot of insight on not only the genus but also many other animal dinosaurs. Carnotaurus has the smallest forelimb of all animal legs and is even smaller than the infamous small Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Don’t let this great beasts small arms fool you, he can take care of himself. Most people think just because his or
her arms are small they must be useless, and in a way they’re rught. Unlike the arm of T. Rex who is currently suspected of being functional, people think that arms may be completely degraded without actual function.

Despite the speed, the Carnosaurus does not have a very strong bite power, is has a very small pound per inch compared with things like the T Rex. This has led to the conclusion that some paleontologists feed on the much smaller animals in South American. The crocodile is twice as powerful, and it may have worked with the giant Titan’s prey! and lets all be honest, the crocodile is a pretty amazing creature by itself.

The remnants of the only confirmed cano specimens are not related to other dinosaurs, they are more related to things like snakes,crocodiles, mammals and certain marine reptiles. This does not mean that Carnotaurus is the only dinosaur in its habitat. The meals of these huge creatures are turtle legs. Can’t say I’ve ever had turtle legs before 🙂 But if they’re good enough for the carnosaurus then i’m sure they’re epic. You can find plenty of pretty cool things about this amazing specimen online.